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[from the brochure:] This information was compiled by the members of the FEW Denver Federal Center Chapter. FEW sends our special thanks to Cheryl Howley, Chapter President; Patt Franc, Policy and Legislation Chair; and Deena Larsen, Team Leader for spearheading the writing of this publication.

For more information about FEW’s Legislative Program, contact the organization’s Washington Representative Janet Kopenhaver at 703-528-7822 or via email at

cover of the brochure with the United States flag and composite photos of public servants at work

Other projects of interest (see credits for details):

Deena Larsen's Chronic

I am currently conducting a usability review of about a dozen pages from Deena's forthcoming memoir, Chronic (authored with MaJe Larsen). We would be thrilled if you'd be willing to participate.

Once you download and print the pages, the review takes between 10 and 30 minutes. Everything you need to know is on the review form.

Here is the review form in DOCX format, and in PDF format. You may fill it out electronically or in handwriting.

The best way to return the form is to give it back to the person who gave it to you (probably via e-mail). Printed forms can be mailed to Julianne Chatelain, PO Box 92156, Portland OR 97292.

The form asks your opinion of some sample pages; here they are (in a ZIP or archive file). The order of the pages is not significant; the first review question asks you to look at them in any order. (But please don't read them closely until you have the form handy, because we'd like your first reactions.)

If you prefer, here are all the files (the forms and the pages to review) in a single ZIP archive.

Thank you in advance for your help! If you have questions, our contact details are on the form.

Historical: CyberMountain 2: off the grid

Your Last Gift: Authentic Memorials

Please share this flyer for a workshop to be presented at the Q Center in Portland on September 15th, 2012, from 10 am to noon.

This seminar was created by Dr. Carol Brownlow with significant input during the pilot process from Jeanne Staehli and the Funeral Consumers Education Foundation, Nancy Ward of Sacred Endings, activist Joy Wallace, Julianne Chatelain and members of MCC Portland, and Quince Affolter and leaders of Cascadia Healthcare's VIEWS: Conversations on Aging. We are always working to make this program meet your needs better and welcome comments and feedback.

At Friendly House we have been grateful for the support of the Gay+Grey team.

Tribute to Art Chatelain

Don Chatelain's remarks at the memorial service for his elder brother (June 9, 2012) will be recorded here.